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Decide what an INPUTBOX is supposed to return

If you want to get any information from the user you can use the INPUTBOX-function. This function displays a dialogbox that lets the user fill inn anything and returns the content as a string.

Sometimes you want to decide what the user is supposed to fill in, instead of accepting any information. That's when you use the INPUTBOX-method :

Sub DecideUserInput()
Dim bText As String, bNumber As Integer
    ' here is the INPUTBOX-function :
    bText = InputBox("Insert in a text", "This accepts any input")
    ' here is the INPUTBOX-method :
    bNumber = Application.InputBox("Insert a number", "This accepts numbers only", , , , , , 1)
    MsgBox "You have inserted :" & Chr(13) & _
        bText & Chr(13) & bNumber, , "Result from INPUT-boxes"
End Sub

The INPUTBOX-method has a third argument, Type, that decides what the user is allowd to insert in the INPUTBOX-dialog. Type can be one of the following :

Type :

Accepted input:


A formula


A number




A logical value (True or False)


A cell reference, e.g. a Range-object


An error value, e.g. #N/A


An array of values


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User comments:
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2006-08-29 22:01:57 CET):
Re: inputbox
No, the InputBox does not have this feature.
You will have to create your own UserForm and add a RefEdit control that will allow the user to select a cell range from the worksheet.
Wisnu Naumowicz Kusumoaji from Jakarta, Indonesia wrote (2006-08-29 21:00:29 CET):
if the user want to select range directly from the worksheet,is the input box methode have the ability to do that?


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