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File names and folder names

The function below can be used to return the file name or the folder name from a full file name:

Function FileOrFolderName(InputString As String, _
    ReturnFileName As Boolean) As String
' returns the foldername without the last pathseparator or the filename
Dim i As Integer, FolderName As String, FileName As String
    i = 0
    While InStr(i + 1, InputString, Application.PathSeparator) > 0
        i = InStr(i + 1, InputString, Application.PathSeparator)
    If i = 0 Then
        FolderName = CurDir
        FolderName = Left(InputString, i - 1)
    End If
    FileName = Right(InputString, Len(InputString) - i)
    If ReturnFileName Then
        FileOrFolderName = FileName
        FileOrFolderName = FolderName
    End If
End Function

Sub TestFileOrFolderName()
    MsgBox FileOrFolderName(ThisWorkbook.FullName, False), , _
        "This Workbook Foldername:"
    MsgBox FileOrFolderName(ThisWorkbook.FullName, True), , _
        "This Workbook Filename:"
End Sub


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User comments:
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2005-04-26 11:32:45 CET):
Re: Complete path
You can find an example here: Create new folders
Alexander Crokos from Jersey City, USA wrote (2005-04-26 01:09:06 CET):
Complete path
How would you go about determining if the whole path exists, excluding filename, then create the whole path.


for example...check to see if 123 exists...if not then check to see if c:\x\ exists then create it and so on...

have you ever looked into this...

Alexander Crokos from Jersey City, USA wrote (2005-04-26 00:42:49 CET):
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2004-06-01 08:26:32 CET):
Re: Files/Folders
The procedure "TestFileOrFolderName" above is the example on how you can use the code.
If you need even more instructions on how to use macros, see the menu "VBA Programming" to the left.
Kevin P Rosteing from Green Bay wrote (2004-05-31 22:14:05 CET):
You should give examples of how I am supposed to use this code.


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