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Erlandsen Data Consulting provides consulting services to businesses and individuals.
EDC can create all types of solutions from simple worksheets and templates to complete applications,
helping you to take advantage of the power and possibilities in your existing software and make your business more productive.
EDC delivers solutions and services to small, medium and large companies, both domestic and international.
Located in central Norway.

Available services

  • Application development and template customization:
    Customizing worksheets, templates, add-ins, macros, functions and complete applications.
    Creating solutions that integrates the different Office applications.
    By making the most of the possibilities in your current software you can avoid buying something new.
    Custom applications and routines specially adapted to your company's needs can automate the boring and time consuming routine tasks so they can be done in a fraction of the time they use today. This will also increase your productivity.
    If you find yourself doing things over and over again, or feel that you are doing something that should have been easier to accomplish, then I can probably help you with a solution.
  • Support:
    Experience with the Microsoft Office products since 1989 and knowledge about computer use, included my own knowledgebase and developer library, provides you with a wide specter from technical support to application support.


Some of my satisfied customers are:
- Adekvat Info AS
- Asplan Viak
- Aker Brattvaag AS
- Bankia Holding AS
- Edwis Gruppen AS
- Gjensidige NOR
- Hydro Building Systems
- IBC Euroforum
- Knowledge Provider Solutions AS
- Luftfartsverket
- NRK Kompetanseavdelingen
- Postbanken
- RealData Inc
- Sport1 Gruppen AS
- Sønnico Installasjon A/S
- Solar Norge AS
- Telenor Business Solutions
- Telenor Mobil
- Telenor Telecom Solutions
- Vital Forsikring ASA

Contact EDC

Use the e-mail address at the bottom of this page to contact me.
Please describe your project as detailed as possible so I can answer your inquiry in the best possible way.

Erlandsen Data Consulting, Kremlestien 27, N-3032 DRAMMEN, NORWAY. NO 980 180 514

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