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The easiest way to contact EDC is to send an e-mail.
You can do this using your preferred e-mail software and send your message to this e-mail address:

E-mail address

Why is my e-mail address an image?

In the constant battle to avoid being drowned in spam (adverts and junk sendt as e-mail), preventing my e-mail address from being present on a web site available for harvesting by web crawlers is vital. Not only to prevent junk e-mails from coming into my Inbox, but also to prevent worms/viruses from creating junk and virus infected e-mail messages with my address as a false sender/reply-to address.

Until the spammers come up with a way of using software to analyze text in images looking for e-mail addresses, presenting an e-mail address as an image on a web page is one of the best methods to avoid these problems.



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