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About the examples and tools available for download General information about the available downloads. 2000-04-09
Chart Examples Chart examples, dynamic charts, statistical chart 2006-05-10
CommandBar Examples CommandBar examples, custom popup menu, CommandBar tools 2007-04-17
Function Examples Function examples, how to use built-in functions and user-defined functions. 2006-05-07
Games and time-wasters Games, time-wasters and a SudokuSolver, demonstrates different programming techniques. 2008-09-02
Programming Examples Different useful programming examples for developers who create their own solutions. 2006-05-18
Useful Tools Useful tools, remove password protection, document workbooks, encryption. 2008-07-04
UserForm and ActiveX-control Examples UserForm examples, how to use different ActiveX controls. 2002-05-22
Workbook Examples Useful workbook examples, compare, copy, print and format. 2002-11-21
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