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CommandBar Examples

  • CommandBar Tools
    This add-in lets you create a list of all available CommandBars in Excel, included a detailed list of all controls (menu items, buttons) on each CommandBar.
    You can also view up to 10038 (depending on your Office version) available toolbar button symbols and their face id number that can be used on CommandBarButtons in Office97 or later. You can copy each symbol and use it any way you like.
    This tool is useful for all that are creating their own custom CommandBars or customizes the built-in menus in any Office application.
    Click here to download this example.
    Updated: 2006-05-11 Requires: XL97 File size: 66 kB
  • Create your own custom menu
    This workbook shows how you can create your own custom menu. The example code shows how to create a menu with submenus. The submenus themselves can also have submenus. The example code also shows how to enable or disable menu items and how to add icons to the menu items.
    Recommended: the CommandBar Tools available for download in this page.
    Click here to download this example.
    Updated: 2000-11-06 Requires: XL97 File size: 12 kB
  • Another menu and submenu example
    This workbook contains code that show how you can create a new menu with submenus, add a submenu to an existing menu, and add a submenu to an existing submenu. Together with the other menu example on this page, you ought to have a complete collection of the different possibilities with menus in Excel 97 or later.
    Recommended: the CommandBar Tools, available for download in this page.
    Click here to download this example.
    Updated: 2000-08-08 Requires: XL97 File size: 17 kB


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User comments:
Ajit Passi from NJ, USA wrote (2005-07-09 06:52:25 CET):
Excellent Examples
Menus & Commandbars Examples are simplified beautifully. Perfect for personal as well as business needs. THANK YOU.
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2004-12-10 20:26:56 CET):
Re: How to attach submenus to pick up list items in excel
The built-in drop-down functionality in Excel doesn't support this.
You might be able to use a custom shortcut menu instead.
See the "Custom popup menu example" above.
Naveen from Chicago, US wrote (2004-12-10 19:48:22 CET):
How to attach submenus to pick up list items in excel
Hi, the information on this page is great, but what I am looking for is the following. I know how to create a pick up list and attach it to cells in Excel. However, I want to attach a subpickuplist to items on the pick up list. If you can help me with that, please email to Thanks.


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