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Add a procedure to a module You can add code to a module without using a separate text file that contains the code. 2000-02-05
Add content to a module from a file You can add procedures to an existing module, add the content of a text file to an existing module. 2000-02-05
Change the worksheet codemodule names Useful macro for changing the worksheet codemodule names in the VBProject. 1999-12-20
Check if a VBProject is protected This function lets you check if a VBProject is protected before you try to edit the project. 2000-02-05
Copy a module from one workbook to another This macro can be used to copy a module from one workbook to another 2008-04-26
Create a new module How to create a new macro module in a workbook. 2000-02-05
Delete a module How to delete a module from a workbook project. 2000-02-05
Delete a procedure from a module How to delete an existing procedure from a module. 2000-02-05
Delete all macros in a workbook/document How to delete all macros from an Excel workbook or a Word document. 2002-07-17
Delete module content You can't delete the codemodules for worksheets, charts and ThisWorkbook. In these modules you have to delete the content instead of the module itself. 2000-02-05
Grant your code access to the VBProjects In Excel 2003 or later you have to give your code access to the VBProjects. 2006-05-16
Insert a new module from a file The easy way to insert new modules with contents in a workbook project. 2000-02-05
Restore the VBE windows to their default positions If you have trouble with the docking of the different VBE windows, you can restore their positions by editing a setting in the Registry. 2000-02-05
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