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Add path- and filenames Display the filename and path in a workbook in a cell by using a built-in worksheet function. 2000-02-04
Create Roman numbers Create Roman numbers with the built-in worksheet function. 2000-02-04
Return error values from user defined functions Make your user defined functions return error values just like the built in functions in Excel do. 2000-02-04
Return random numbers General information on how to return random numbers. 2003-03-18
Split a string and return any individual part This function can be useful when you need to return indivual parts of a string, e.g. first or last names 2005-08-06
Square root and cube root How to find the square root or the cube root of a value. 2000-02-04
Use text and numbers in the same cell By using text and numbers from several different cells in the same cell you will be able to present your worksheet results in a nice way. 2000-02-04
Use the logical functions General information about the use of the logical worksheet functions in Excel. 2000-02-04
Userdefined functions from other workbooks How to use userdefined worksheet functions from other workbooks. 2002-07-17
Worksheet functions in VBA macros Almost all of the built-in worksheet functions can be used in VBA macros. 2003-04-27
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