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UserForms and ActiveX-control Examples


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User comments:
Ongarelli from SJCampos, São Paulo, Brasil wrote (2006-11-11 20:53:38 CET):
Caro Erlandsen,

Parabéns pelas excelentes dicas e exemplos.

Somente deveria ter maiores atualizações.

Muito Obrigado.

Saurabh from India wrote (2006-11-07 09:05:48 CET):
Nice work ! Thanx for your suggestions.
Very useful information
Thank you very much for your Tips.
They where very useful for me.

Peter Wooldridge from Melbourne Australia wrote (2006-06-14 11:07:58 CET):
Dear Mr Erlandsen
Thank you for providing such an insightfull set of examples. I'm just a rank amature when it come to VBA and have struggled through numerous texts attmpting to achive some meaningful results. Unfortunately, most text assume you a erudite in terms of the language and syntax. Your examples not only work they are well structured with explanatory notes that mean something. Also like the fact that you work with MS97. Thanks again for your time and effort it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Peter Wooldridge

Asfar from Sabah, Malaysia wrote (2006-05-02 15:09:17 CET):
I'am gonna be loyal to this site...
I've never encounter such a site that contributes such a solomons effort...If there is rating for it i would surely rate it high...I would learn and contribute what i could to all knowledge providers and seekers in the future the same as what is here or even better ;)...Thank you again ("Terima Kasih" means Thank You)...
Leopold Klatka from Denver, Colorado wrote (2006-03-04 01:49:43 CET):
Thank you for good combo box example
Dear Mr. Erlandsen, thank you for good combo box example. It is a pleasure to learn from something that works - it gives life to my program.

Ruiyuan Li from China Wuhan wrote (2005-12-09 12:49:28 CET):
Thank you for the tips
The code in the web is that I really long for.
Hector I. Rubio A. from wrote (2005-10-02 00:21:49 CET):
Saludos Cordiales

Espero me funciones estos ejemplos de rutina, para un proceso de programación en Excel.
Guarita from Portugal wrote (2005-06-20 15:39:18 CET):
Very usefull information
Thank you very much for your Tips. They where very usefull for me.



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