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About the examples and tools available for download

Here you can find some worksheet and macro examples that may be of use for you. All macro programming is in US English. Some examples contains Norwegian text labels, but don't be scared. You will probably see how to use them anyway.

Files marked with XL97 can only be used with Excel 97 or later.
Files marked with XL2000 can only be used with Excel 2000 or later.

Some files available for download are protected, you will probably not be able to view the code and edit the contents. Protected files are marked with Protected project.

Disclaimer: All files available for download are provided "as-is", without any warranty or support. All examples may be used free of charge, and you may adapt them for use in your own projects. All use of these examples and utilities is at your own risk. The files have been tested, but this does not guarantee that they will work on your machine.

NOTE: All files are compressed to make the file transfer go faster, you need WinZip, PKZIP or similar to unpack the files.

Error messages when opening the example files:

If you are using older versions of Excel you will probably get some error messages when opening a workbook or running a macro. This is caused by the fact that I'm usually using the latest edition of Excel when I create most of the examples, and I haven't got the opportunity to test all examples in the older versions of Excel. Because of this the workbooks often refers to libraries that doesn't exist if you have an older version of Excel. To remove the error messages you can do this:

  1. Select a module sheet in the workbook that causes the error message.
  2. Select the menu Tools, References.
  3. Remove the tick mark from the missing object libraries, in some cases it might be necessary to add a reference to a similar (older) object library.
    Click the OK-button.
  4. Save, close and reopen the workbook, this time the error message should be gone.

If you have any requests or comments to these examples you may contact me by e-mail on the address below.
If you translate any of the Norwegian workbooks to another language I would appreciate a copy.


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User comments:
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2006-03-27 19:16:12 CET):
Re: Help VBA
Click on the menu item "Workbooks" in the menu to the left.
The first tip explains the problem you want solved.
Doan Manh Hung from Viet nam wrote (2006-03-27 08:01:47 CET):
Help VBA
I have used Excell 2003. I write macro VBA to automatic shase worbook or not shase worbook but when run macro I received Msg aks me save worbook. Can you help me write code macro to I do not receive Mgs aks me save worbook?
Thank you very much.

Doan Manh Hung
kham from newyor wrote (2004-11-08 04:07:18 CET):
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2003-11-04 09:49:11 CET):
Re: CustomWorkbookMenu.xls
This tool was originally created for use with Excel97 and I have used it a lot in my projects without any problems.
The error messages you describe are not anything I have previously seen related to this example.
Robert from London, UK wrote (2003-11-03 15:48:34 CET):
Thank you - a great help! I have used this in Excel 2000 but users opening in Excel 97 get an "out of memory" and "lost data" error messages. Is there a compatability problem with Excel 97? Would be grateful for comments.

Thanks again.


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