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Chart Examples

  • Create charts for probability distribution
    This addin creates simple "charts" for probability distribution (log-normal chart).
    The "charts" uses an Y-axis with a scale that follows a normal probability distribution.
    You can select a linear or logarithmic scale on the X-axis. Data that usually would be displayed as a normal bell-shaped curve will be displayed as a straight line in this "chart".
    This tool does not use the built-in chart functions in Excel, but creates it's own "chart" on a worksheet.
    Thanks to Joseph T. Forrest for valuable input and beta testing.
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    Updated: 2003-04-07   Requires: XL97   File size: 99 kB   Protected project


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User comments:
Ole P. from Norway wrote (2004-10-29 11:52:55 CET):
Re: Gantt Chart Example
There is no built-in support for the functionality you want to include in the chart. It would be possible to add such functionality using macros.
You can manually apply the necessary color codes after you have updated the chart, this formatting will disappear the next time the chart is updated.
Matthew Selbie from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia wrote (2004-10-29 06:51:10 CET):
Gantt Chart Example
Thanks for this chart, it has saved me a lot of time. My question is how could the bars be colour coded so that the person responsible is identified OR how could you add the person responsible name at the end of the bar. The spreadsheet has a facility to enter a person but I don't know how to set this up
Again thanks for this


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