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I recommend the websites listed below for even more information about Excel and/or VBA programming.

Website URL Contents
Microsoft Developer Network
Almost everything you want to know about developing solutions, included Office-solutions.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Lots of useful information.
Microsoft official Excel homepage
Information and examples.
Excel Visual Basic Reference MSDN Library
Everything you need to know about VBA programming, also for the other Office applications.
Office / Visual Basic Programmer's Guide Office 2000 Developer
The online version of the book that describes almost everything you want to know about programming with VBA.
Google News Search
Search for answers to questions asked earlier in the newsgroups. Use this web-site if you need a fast answer.
The Spreadsheet Page
by John Walkenbach Everything about spreadsheets, examples, FAQ's and lots of useful tips.
Chip Person's Excel Pages Useful spreadsheet information and examples.
Bernd Busko
Lots of VBA tips and info for those who understand German, the VBA manual is great.
Hans W. Herber Lots of useful info for developers who understand German.
David McRitchie Articles, FAQ, tips, downloads, lessons and tutorials related to Excel.


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