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Create an addin in Excel97

Addins in Excel97 are saved differently from the previous versions of Excel:

  1. Start the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt+F11.
  2. Select Debug, Compile VBA projectname. In previous versions of Excel the VBA-code was automatically compiled when you saved the addin. This is no longer true, you have to do it yourself before you save the addin.
  3. If you want to lock the project from viewing you can select Tools, Properties for VBA projectname. In this dialog you activate Protection and check the option Lock project for viewing. Fill in a password and click the OK-button.
  4. Activate Excel by pressing Alt+F11.
  5. Select File, Properties..., Summary and fill inn information for the fields Title and Comments. The title will be the name that appears in the Add-Ins dialog (the dialog displaying available add-ins), the comment will be the description that appears when you select the addin in the Add-Ins dialog. Click the OK-button to close the Properties dialog.
  6. Select File, Save as….
  7. Change the option Filetype: to Microsoft Excel addin (*.xla) (the last choice in the dropdown). The add-in must contain at least one worksheet if this option is to be displayed.
  8. Click the Save-button to save the workbook as an addin.

The locking of the project will not take effect until you close and re-open the workbook.

You can convert a workbook to an addin by changing the property IsAddin to True for the ThisWorkbook-object. This must be done from the Visual Basic Editor. When the property is changed you can save the workbook by clicking on the Save-toolbarbutton.


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