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Copy data from multiple workbooks Copy a cell range from one or all worksheets in one or more workbooks to a new workbook. 2008-04-30
Read information from a closed workbook Read information from a workbook without opening it. 2004-10-14
Save a workbook backup Save a backup of the active workbook as a *.bkp file or to a floppy disk. 1999-12-20
Close a workbook Close a workbook with or without confirmation prompts. 1999-12-20
Create new workbook Create new workbooks with up to 255 worksheets. 1999-12-20
Sort the worksheets in a workbook Sort the worksheets (and other sheet types) in a workbook. 1999-12-20
Determine if a workbook exists Determine if a workbook or another file exists. 1999-12-20
Determine if a workbook is already open Useful function to check if you alread have opened a workbook. 1999-12-20
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