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ECLG from Mexico wrote (2006-11-22 19:25:53 CET):
Only I want to thank you for these great tools.
Tim from Washington, DC wrote (2006-11-21 21:47:36 CET):
Thank you so much!
After flailing around on many sites without success, your code finally got me where i wanted to go -- thank you!!
Saurabh from India wrote (2006-11-07 09:05:48 CET):
Nice work ! Thanx for your suggestions.
Very useful information
Thank you very much for your Tips.
They where very useful for me.

Antonio from Adelaide, Australia wrote (2006-10-13 16:21:58 CET):
Have I been sleeping all this time....
bloody fantastic work, it has opened my eyes to the possibilities...again I say grazie!
William Szabo from USA wrote (2006-09-19 21:58:22 CET):
Your Code for Printing to Network Printers
I had tried many different solutions to this issue and none of them had worked out satisfactorily. Yours is by far the most elegant and simple to adjust to my specific application. I simply called my macro on the line that you remarked as 'Print Something. I also modified the line

strNetworkPrinter = GetFullNetworkPrinterName(Sheet8.Range("A2").Value)

to look at a cell (drop down List) in the worksheet to find the network printer name (end user does not have to get into the code to change printers).

Thank you very much for your help.
Jan Nilsen from Oslo wrote (2006-08-25 14:46:14 CET):
Dette er jo helt konge
Imponert over hvor proff denne koden er. Veldig lesbar og enkel.
Tusen takk for bra koder og flott side.
Nicolas B. from Frankfurt/Main, Germany wrote (2006-08-01 13:18:55 CET):
Re: Array as argument
Hi Ole,

Thanks for this example: exactly what I needed (and even more!).
Peter Wooldridge from Melbourne Australia wrote (2006-06-14 11:07:58 CET):
Dear Mr Erlandsen
Thank you for providing such an insightfull set of examples. I'm just a rank amature when it come to VBA and have struggled through numerous texts attmpting to achive some meaningful results. Unfortunately, most text assume you a erudite in terms of the language and syntax. Your examples not only work they are well structured with explanatory notes that mean something. Also like the fact that you work with MS97. Thanks again for your time and effort it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Peter Wooldridge

rjw from Detroit, USA wrote (2006-06-13 22:03:29 CET):
I've been trying to figure out how to read a random access file into MS Access. This code works like a charm!
Mahesh from Bangalore, India wrote (2006-06-02 15:41:18 CET):
Wonderfull code
This is really a wonderfull site from Athens, Greece wrote (2006-05-25 09:13:01 CET):
helped a lot!
Thanks for your advice,
I was playing around trying to process text files in Excel,
you helped me save a lot of time and have peace of mind :-D

Asfar from Sabah, Malaysia wrote (2006-05-02 15:09:17 CET):
I'am gonna be loyal to this site...
I've never encounter such a site that contributes such a solomons effort...If there is rating for it i would surely rate it high...I would learn and contribute what i could to all knowledge providers and seekers in the future the same as what is here or even better ;)...Thank you again ("Terima Kasih" means Thank You)...
Rachel Ravitsky from Israel, Rehovot wrote (2006-04-08 11:33:23 CET):
Reading Writing Sequential Files via VBA in Excel
Dear Mr Erlandsen,
Your explantions as well as your good will and generoucity
putting your wisdome to the use of everybody are superb
I copied the above macro and will make lots of use of it
V.D. Rama Rao from India, New Delhi wrote (2006-04-07 18:16:33 CET):
Marvelous !!
Excellent contribution for MS-Excel lovers. Great work and keep it up and keep going. Very well. Thanks a lot !!!
Green Pepper from New York, USA wrote (2006-04-01 23:55:01 CET):
Excellent sub routines - very useful
These are very very useful when you want to find out various links put in place by many different people. You get a message to update the links, but do not know where and what the links are. These functions list all the links and help decide whether to remove or keep. Thank you very much.
George from India wrote (2006-03-27 04:34:03 CET):
Great site! keep up the good work
Leopold Klatka from Denver, Colorado wrote (2006-03-04 01:49:43 CET):
Thank you for good combo box example
Dear Mr. Erlandsen, thank you for good combo box example. It is a pleasure to learn from something that works - it gives life to my program.

JPM from West Africa wrote (2006-02-22 13:39:17 CET):
Thanks a million!!!
Got caught with a FORGOT password, 2:30 is all it took!
Peter Keery from London, UK wrote (2006-01-19 12:40:30 CET):
Very useful thank you! Saved a lot of time and effort.


Abdoualey Mouke Yansane (of Forecariah Conakry Guinea) from San Francisco, CA, USA wrote (2005-12-30 00:52:05 CET):
You are simply brilliant man. Neat job and really really useful tool.

I deal with formula-intensive multiple linked spreadsheets on a daily basis. This really improved my codes...

Cheers and Take Care.
Eric from Netherlands wrote (2005-12-07 21:14:54 CET):
The best there is
When working with reusable timesheets, I ran into the WEEKNUM() bug.
It bothered me a lot. For other reasons as well, I wanted to avoid using ATP-functions.

I have been using the WEEKNR function on a daily basis for years now.
Alternatives that are available on the web, even from renowned Excel experts, are nowhere near as concise. And it has always proven correct.

As I wasn't able to work out my own solution, I am still grateful to have found it, and for you to share it with the world!
K-rule from Malaysia wrote (2005-12-05 17:32:01 CET):
Good page !!!!!!!!
Finally, i found the page that can help me to create system in excel. Thank you.
Jean paul from Poperinge - Belgium wrote (2005-11-30 18:36:50 CET):
EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've helped me a lot of time. This website is very
good. Thanks a lot for all the usefull information
Mike from The Great White North... wrote (2005-08-06 05:41:05 CET):
Thank you..!!!!
I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out a way to find the path to an executable with VBA - and I googled to your page - and your solution works perfectly..!!

Thank you so much...!!

Jim from Orland Park,IL wrote (2005-08-05 04:52:39 CET):
Best site I have been on
This is the best site for excel help I have been on thank you so much for your help will recommened to anyone.
Ali from Paris, France wrote (2005-08-03 16:08:16 CET):
Thanks a lot
I want to thank you very much for your website which is excellent.
All the code and the downloads are very helpfull.
Your examples are very smart and very well design.
Another time, thank you.
Tony from Kokomo, Indiana USA wrote (2005-07-31 05:21:15 CET):
Just What The Doctor Ordered
I can't tell you how long I waited to find a simple search routine for my monster spreadsheet. For my application its the 90% answer and I'll be doing some rearranging. Thank you oceans and oceans and squares and squares. Take care and God Bless.

Sergiovery from Milan Italy wrote (2005-07-27 16:27:12 CET):
Site comment
I'm used to spend some minutes every day, looking on the web for Excel tooltips, examples and explanations to store and use later during development. This site is one of the most well arranged and clear-explaning I've found!
A lot of small components collected here, are now in my example-source-directory and many time I've fished there the right solution to "the problem of the moment". Thanks a lot to everybody!
Ajit Passi from NJ, USA wrote (2005-07-09 06:52:25 CET):
Excellent Examples
Menus & Commandbars Examples are simplified beautifully. Perfect for personal as well as business needs. THANK YOU.
Guarita from Portugal wrote (2005-06-20 15:39:18 CET):
Very usefull information
Thank you very much for your Tips. They where very usefull for me.


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